We the sons and daughters of Nigeria, who reside in Oklahoma City, hereby adopt the following as the constitution of Nigerian Association.


Oklahoma Nigerian Association is an organization of Nigerian men and women from diverse Nigerian states, associations, communities, and cultures, who promote integrity of Nigerian diverse cultures, unity, and solidarity among all Nigerians.  


1. To promote cooperation among Nigerians in Oklahoma and to enhance unity among members.

2. To promote and enhance the welfare of members and assist Nigerian Associations that needs help.

3. To support one another and all members’ mother associations when events or conditions call for mutual support among Nigerians.

4. To promote the integrity and welfare of Nigeria by promoting good citizenship; respect for rule of law, democratic, and civilized discourse relating to all matters of the Nigerian Association, its members, and members mother associations.

5. To be the overriding umbrella and the main voice for all the mother-organizations, non-mother organizations interested citizen and all Nigerian citizens in the city of Oklahoma and surroundings.

6. To be our brothers and sisters keepers and move Nigeria community forward from its lose structural entity to a formidable recognized organization.

7. To develop a representative organization for Nigerian community interest in State of Oklahoma and beyond.

8. To provide members of the community with a more effective means to participate in activities directed toward improving the members’ quality of life and promoting involvement in public service activities.

The Association shall develop and publish Newsletter.

The Association shall be registered in the state of Oklahoma.

The Association shall seek NONPROFIT STATUS




Section 1:

Every citizen of Nigeria, man, and woman who resides in Oklahoma City is eligible for membership provided such an individual belongs to one of mother-associations or organizations at least. 

Section 2: 

 Definition of a Mother Association: strictly for the sake of this Oklahoma Nigerian Association, a Mother-Association is an association of a group of members who came together first on the basis of their Nigerian national ethnicity; who identify themselves by either their current or former Nigerian ethnical origins, by state origin, former states  origins, common identifiable Nigerian localities, or homogenous-gender Nigerian group  association.  Any association that does not fall into any of these groups shall not be considered a Mother-Association under the provisions of this constitution. 

Section 2: Membership Equity

The value of belonging to this Oklahoma Nigerian Association goes beyond mere interest and claim but in equity of all members’ mother associations. The costs of running the association will be shared equally among all participating mother associations, the size of each participating association notwithstanding. Membership enrollment shall be accomplished when the mother association that a member belongs meets its financial obligation with the Nigerian association.  All levies shall also be shared equally among all participating member association.

Section 3: Non-Aligned Membership

Any Nigerian who does not belong to a mother-association (organization) but who desires to join the Oklahoma Nigerian Association shall meet in full the same membership requirement as each of the mother association. This prospective member shall meet his or her financial obligation to this association just like each of the mother-associations do. This association shall regard this member as it regards a mother-association that has multiple members.

Section 4:

Any Nigerian who shall choose not be a part of any mother- association or Nigerian Association shall not expect members of Nigerian Association and its participating mother- associations to accord him or her the same attendance in time of need or necessity.