About Us

Association of Nigeria in Oklahoma is an organization of Nigeria men and women from diverse Nigeria states, associations, communities and culture with the aim to promote integrity of Nigeria diverse culture, unity and solidarity among all Nigerians. 

The leadership of the organization consists of the leadership of all Nigerian factions of ethnicity and subdivisions in Oklahoma. It acts as the sole representation of Nigerians.

We built our strength in standing together as Nigerians to be of service and support to our brethren.



  • To promote cooperation among Nigerians in Oklahoma and to enhance unity among members 

  • To promote and enhance the welfare of members and assist Nigerian Associations that needs help. 

  • To support one another and all members of mother association when events or conditions call for mutual support among Nigerians. 

  • To promote the integrity and welfare of Nigeria by promoting good citizenship; respect for rule of law, democratic and civilized discourse relating to all matters of the Nigerian Association, its members and members of the mother associations. 

  • To be the overriding umbrella and the main voice for all the mother organizations, non-mother organizations, interested citizens and all Nigerian citizens in the city of Oklahoma and surroundings. 

  • To be our brothers and sisters keepers and move Nigeria community forward from it’s lose structural entity to a formidable recognized organization. 

  • To develop a representative organization for Nigeria community interest in the State of Oklahoma and beyond. 

  • To provide members of the community with a more effective means to participate in activities directed towards improving the member’s quality of life and promoting involvement in public service activities.